Let there be SOUND!!!

Picking up an in-game item just doesn’t really feel rewarding without that “bling” sound to reaffirm you got it. We already nailed the first layer of satisfaction when we added in the UI count. Before that, you had no idea if you got the gem or it just went away.

So off into the wilds of the internet I went to locate some open license-free sounds to help you feel like you got something rewarding when you grab a gem.

Here is what I picked for the gem:

After that was in I needed some sound for the key pickup, I choose anything really knowing it would later be replaced but here is what we are using right now for the key pick up:

After both pickups were in I wanted to add sounds for win/lose condition also. Which do you think is for which?


Still need that last layer of satisfaction with pick up, Visual Effects, but one step at a time 🙂

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