Lets make a game!

Happy 2018! This is the year that Gamers for Good is going to start making games!  We knew our first game needed to be VERY simple as we learn the tools and landscape of small scale, indie game development.

At the end of 2017 we found out that Sean Coleman, a game dev at Riot, made his own little indie game called Lighthouse on itch.io.  We casually asked if he was interested in making a simple game on the side with us. We had a quick and exciting lunch meeting where we talked about our interests, strengths and weaknesses. After meeting with Liz (the Producer/organizer/actual adult) we agreed to make a game together. The next day Peet designed a very basic game idea based on our interests and skillsets, did a couple of scribbles and a simple test level for a pitch. Katt Burglar: A simple stealth game where you play a cat who is stealing gems from dogs. We got thumbs up from everyone. Now lest make a game! 🙂

Since we all still have full time jobs and Gamers for Good is doing a lot of other things, this may be a slow process. We will still try to find time to post a small update every couple of days or so.  Thanks for coming by to check out our progress! Any feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  -Peet, Liz, Sean

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