Playing around with the rig

Whenever I start on a new project, the first thing I do as an animator is opening the rig-file, pulling on all the controls and starting to animate. The “rig-file” is the unanimated puppet-file we can manipulate to move our characters around one frame at a time, 30 frames a second. Every rig is a bit different – and doing a test, even if you don’t plan to use it, is super helpful. I was about to rig up our second character (the dog) that I’m going to animate, but I’m really glad I played around with Kat first. It showed me what controls I would be needing to animate faster, for instance.

Anyway, this is not a great animation by any means, but in about 1.5h I had a good idea what I want for the dog when I’m creating the rig. And it felt great seeing this character come to life. So, this won’t be in the game (most likely)… it’s just a way for me to “warm up”.

Well, now unto installing a clean version of Maya and starting to rig up our dog,


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